Death Watch

A project where I pushed the visual limits of Unity.

Level Design is Tedious.

When planning for this game, I had devoted a measly 4 hours for level design. I had planned on making a building with 4 small floors. I found myself spending 20 hours on a single floor. I learned a couple key things from this project.

The first being that the Unity scene editor has left me wanting more. With modular assets, it is imperative that there is a good snapping system. While Unity has a snapping system, it often does not snap correctly. It becomes very easy to create small gaps between pieces despite only moving assets along the grid. 

When I first designed the level, I started with the floors and walls. After several hours carefully crafting the floor, I realized I had a massive problem. The level was huge! What I thought was a small room was actually a huge dining hall. Now I always start by adding a few assets to the level to make sure I understand the scale I am designing with. 

I took a page from Battle Ball when developing Death Watch. I decided to only make a small slice of what could be a full game. I created a small scope, which allowed me the time to add bits of Juice. Even though this is not an action game, small things such as heat distortion from heaters can help sell the game.

The boss character.

Learning Points
Future Plans
Death watch is horror survival game. You wake up in an abandoned insane asylum that you must escape. Along the way you will need to avoid creatures / monsters of the night.
I learned to always understand the scale of the world, and never understimate the time it takes to design levels.
I do not have any plans in the immediate future to continue with the project. .