Brick Breaker

Brick breaker was a great introduction to a physics engine.

Physics and Juice!

Physics brings a whole new world of problems, errors, and fun. For Brick Breaker, I used OpenGL, C++, and Box2D for physics. 

Working with Box2D as a low level API is beneficial. In later projects, I used game engines that also used Box2D but in the form of a user interface and components. When developing using Box2D directly, I learned a lot of the intricacies of the physics library. 

I developed a system that separated all of the physics code from all other code. Though I did not implement it, the code was perfectly set up to introduce multi-threading. 

The version of Brick Breaker I made was directly inspired from a talk called "Juice it or Lose it". It was another great step into Juice.

Breakout (1976) was the inspiration for my game.

Learning Points
Future Plans
Brick Breaker is a remake of a classic game of a paddle and a ball. You must not let the ball pass through the bottom of the screen.
I learned how to implement different systems and keep them separated from eachother.
I do not have any plans to continue with Brick Breaker any further.