Blood State

My first leap into 3D modular asset design.

Modularity is incredible!

Over the past several years, I have taught myself 3D design using Blender. I would begin with small assets, to scenic renders, all the way to full characters. This time though, it was about working smart.

Blood State was another large 3-month project. I wanted to become really good at 3D modular assets. I first took a short introduction course from Blender Cookie. I was off to the races!

I modeled, UV unwrapped and textured over 120 modular assets for Blood State. I also created a couple Hero assets such as the spaceship. 

We were able to design a visually stunning scene. The assets allowed the level designer to quickly prototype different layouts.

XCOM inspired Blood State.

Learning Points
Future Plans
Blood State is a turn based tactical shooter which takes heavy inspiration from games like XCOM.
I learned that modularity is key to making large levels with very few assets.
I have no plans to revisit Blood State in the future.