Battle Ball

My first production title.

Juice, Juice and more Juice.

At the start of development, I had fully dived into Juice. I became obsessed with making the core mechanic feel amazing. 

We had 3 months to develop a game in a team of 3 developers. Up to this points, we've never had a large period of time to develop a product. We made a vital decision, to make a game that we can finish in two days.

The core mechanics of Battle Ball was fully implemented by myself over the course of a weekend. Then the fun began. For the next three months, we began to add more and more Juice. 

We showed the game to a local animation studio named Loogaroo. The owner, Eugene Fowler became very interested in the game. Loogaroo invested into the game. We hired 2D pixel artists from around the world to work on a one level prototype. 

At the end of the three months, we were getting praise from our school. We had the opportunity to show off the game at a hockey game filled with thousands of eager kids. 

It really taught me that sometimes less is more. Having a small scope can be extremely beneficial if you can polish it.
Learning Points
Future Plans
Battle Ball is soccer, but with guns and explosions. Battle Ball offers a ton of action and fast paced gameplay.
I learned that is really important to understand your target audience when developing a game. I also learned how to manage a team as large as 7-9 people.
I plan to revisit this title in the near future.