I was born and raised for most of my life in Edmonton, Alberta. Then my family and I moved to the Maritimes, first to Charlottetown, PEI. I quickly fell in love with Maritime Provinces. 

Eventually, I found myself in Moncton for High School. A school of roughly 1500 students at the time, Moncton High School was ripe for opportunity for me. 

For a period of the time at High School, I thought I wanted to be a surgeon until I went to the annual career fair. That's where I saw the NBCC booth, which was full of 3D printers, Game Development software, and robotics. 

From that moment I knew I wanted to be in a production environment. I became a self-taught 3D Artist over my remaining two years at High School. I also took both programming classes.

Now I am graduating from NBCC earning my Electronic Game Development Diploma. During my time at NBCC, I gained many direct skills such as C++, C#, Unity, OpenGL and more. However, I was also able to nurture many other traits such as leadership, hard work, team building, and goal setting.

I am always looking for great opportunities and awesome people! Feel free to get in touch with me.